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2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends – Although Christmas may still seem a long way off, John Lewis has now revealed its festive decoration trends for 2022, so there is plenty of time to plan ahead of the festive season.

This year there are a variety of different themes ranging from traditional to extravagant and everything in between.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Lisa Cherry, head of Christmas buying at John Lewis, said in a statement that this year’s themes “are a celebration of local life, highlight the importance of community in towns and villages and bring together the shared social moments of everyday life, though greetings and food.”

Christmas Trends 2022 You Won’t Want To Miss

Although it may seem early to think about the most beautiful time of the year, John Lewis has revealed that it has seen sales of baubles and Christmas trees three times compared to the same time last year. The retailer also recently revealed its top game predictions for 2022, some of which are available for purchase.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

So if you’ve been looking ahead and wondering how to transform your home into a winter wonderland this year, then look no further as the department store has revealed six dreamy Christmas decorating themes for 2022.

This snow white variation is inspired by the traditional family trip to the winter fair, with metallic tones and traditional cherry red.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Holiday Trends To Bookmark

Decoration options include a classic Santa bauble, a white faux Christmas tree and a gold trophy.

The sweet plum theme is inspired by hanging out with friends at a coffee shop featuring pastel shades and food decor.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

You will find donuts and croissants, red roses and bright flowers to hang on the tree or the roof covered with snow.

Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas

This look is a bit traditional with classic red and white decor with a Scandinavian twist. The theme is inspired by the convenience of a traditional convenience store that offers everything from groceries to postal services.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

To create this style in your home, pair the perfect green wood with warm light and soft felt balls. At the table, place a Scandinavian spread sheet with coordinating cookies.

Taking a lead from local architecture, this trend combines the nature of natural green with copper tones.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations For 2021

Choose natural-looking flowers and flowers and decorations with animal motifs, such as trees or owls. Adding copper colored leaves to your plant will also create a striking look.

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Enjoy this cartoon style inspired by the limitless imagination of children. Choose bright and dark colors in every color of the rainbow.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Bunny themed toys such as teddy bears and robots are added to the tree, of course decorated with colorful lights. Free neon decorations and lighting are also a fun way to add to the trend.

John Lewis Christmas Decorations 2021

There’s nothing quite like holiday soirees outside of the festive season, which was the inspiration behind this golden theme.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

The decor embraces the excitement of live events with sparkling jukeboxes and rollable mirrors. Brightly colored cocktail glasses and sparkling ball decorations will really enhance the party atmosphere. John Lewis has revealed six stylish Christmas decorating ideas for 2022 – and they celebrate some of our favorite festive traditions.

“This year’s Christmas theme is a celebration of local life, highlighting the importance of community in towns and villages and the social moments of everyday life to meet, greet and eat,” said Lisa Cherry, head of Christmas. of John Lewis & Partners. The buyer, said. .

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

John Lewis 2022 Christmas Decorations And Themes

“They respect the traditional culture of markets, fairs and winter fairs, and the opportunity to gather indoors for fun family activities such as decorating the house, trimming the tree and hosting guests.” The moments that make Christmas special are the ones that make our job so interesting.

Whatever your holiday season style, this collection has something for everyone. But keep in mind what is best for the environment. This Christmas we need to move away from glitter and plastic decorations to wooden, tall ones. Whatever you choose, be sure to take care of your makeup to use it as much as possible.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Inspired by a family strolling through a winter fair, this gorgeous style features a solid color palette, shiny metallics and traditional holiday red hues. From shopping malls to toddlers, you’ll find decorations that will take you to your favorite Christmas market.

The Top 10 Christmas Trends Of 2021

Some of our favorite decorations include silver ice skates (£6), hot air balloons (£10) and pearl flak tree tops (£20).

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2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Brighten up your home with this red Christmas color change. Inspired by a casual meeting with friends at a local coffee shop, it features food-inspired decorations, delicious colors and textures, and fun decorations that will bring your tree to life. From avocado on toast garnishes to dessert makers, make sure they sell before you sell.

“This theme is inspired by local fields where communities come together to harvest their own fruit and vegetables,” said John Lewis.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Christmas Trends We Are Loving

“Wildlife abounds, with festive robins, jocular hedgehogs and scurrying foxes. The color scheme with copper accents reflects the green growth and green areas of the park.’

Loud, bright, bold and fun: this trend is like a Christmas you’ve never seen before. Reflecting the glitz and glamor of the festive night, the nightlife is lavishly decorated. The decorations include musical instruments, ballerinas, cocktails and glitter balls.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

John Lewis said: “The theme was inspired by Santa’s workshop and the wonderful imaginative shops for children’s ideas. Everything here comes with decorations that represent all the wonderful toys of Made by Santa and the elves. The color scheme is happy and bright. All the colors of the rainbow.”

Early Holiday 2022 Preview

Looking for something different? Jolly’s General Store is stocked with everything from essentials to food that you can find at your local grocery store. Perfect if you want to create a special tree this year.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

“Modern Scandinavian hand-drawn graphics inspired by food and candy labels, with lots of cute animals and friendly balls. The palette is sugar cane red and bright white with natural accents. Our editorial team , independently selected. We may receive a small commission if you click on any of the products you see on this page. Learn more.

We asked Vicky Atkinson, editor of Simply Christmas magazine, to share her top trends for Christmas 2022 – bring joy!

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Christmas Tree Trends For 2022

During our favorite season, we look forward to simpler things—and happier days, even when global tragedy can’t deny us comfort foods, time-honored traditions, heartwarming gifts, and cozy homes. After spending last Christmas under strict social restrictions here in the UK, we look forward to enjoying more freedom as Christmas 2022 approaches. We are already booking lighting shows and DIY decorating this winter. Here are the Christmas 2022 trends we’re most excited about as we head into the festive season,…

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Whether it’s big name brands or small Etsy retailers, there are some pretty imaginative 2022 Christmas trends coming your way for Christmas. From natural leaves to ceramic decorations and custom advance calendars, there’s plenty of fun to be had this year. Here you’ll find a whole host of DIY projects to inspire your holiday crafts – making your own cards, gifts and wrapping. For knitting fun, check out our best Christmas decoration ideas, free Christmas knitting patterns, or if you like clothes, we’ve got a great video tutorial on how to make a Christmas stocking.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

If you are looking for inspiration on how to spice up Christmas and get the latest look, here are the best Christmas trends and decorating ideas for Christmas 2022 this year – after the start of the year of the lockdown. , let’s summarize a bit. – You need happiness!

Happy New Years 2022. Christmas Background With Fir Tree, Cones And Christmas Decorations Stock Image

Just the Christmas magazine is out, now enjoy the festive season with the new issue

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

! Everything is ready to inspire you and help you have the best Christmas ever, from decorations and gift shopping to party decorations and travel, crafts, cooking, baking and cocktails. It’s in stores now

This year, natural plants will again be a big part of Christmas decorations​​​​ – the greener, the better! Whether you collect your own roots and branches, visit your local flower shop or buy a ready-made arrangement, it’s a simple and sustainable idea to make your home more cheerful. Eucalyptus plants (Etsy, from £12) are still going strong this Christmas 2021 and make a great backdrop for arrangements and flowers.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends

Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas Anyone Can Recreate

You also can’t miss this year’s dried flower trend, there are always better options for stunning sustainable displays like the one below at Flowers are bigger than ever – head over to our guide on how to make a Christmas wreath.

As LED lights seem to be getting smaller every year, you will find more options for fairy lights and Christmas decorations, along with flowers or even trees.

2022 Christmas Decorating Trends


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