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Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022 – In August 2010 I was able to write about my trip to Chicago, where I experienced the greatness of music that was Lollapalooza 2010. Even though I can’t judge music in one way. Objections aside from thinking that some bands sound good and others don’t, I decided to write about good music, a lot. This time I was able to attend

It was held on December 12, 2010 at the Gibson Amphitheater, located in Universal City, California (near

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

Or whatever the attraction calls Costner’s best slide), it’s a two-night event. Last night they had several acts including: Pumpkin Smashing, Social Distortion, My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Bad Religion and Cake. As much as I enjoyed those bands, Monday night was definitely the show I wanted to watch. Monday night highlights: Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Brandon Flowers, The Black Keys, The Temper Trap, Neon Trees, Florence + The Machine, Broken Bells and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. It was a night that captured my heart and now I’m ready to share how much fun it was… as much as I can deserve it.

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For those who don’t know, KROQ (Kay-Rock) is a radio station in Los Angeles that broadcasts contemporary rock music, with coverage in Los Angeles and Orange County. This concert has been held since 1990, always in the middle of December, with a strong rock band and more bands. Although the price of a concert ticket is not very high, the event sold out quickly. The first night sold out in less than 30 minutes. The second night sold out in less than 15 minutes. It was a pain to go online and through the server to buy my tickets, although this doesn’t make sense, so let’s just say I fought grandma to get the last two, which they have to. Money for

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

Benefit from a concert by Para Los Ninos, Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Centre. and other local charities. This is a show that focuses on having a good list, with the goal of giving back and helping others during the holidays. That’s enough about the opening, let me get to the concert.

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After driving down the 101 freeway and through the Curious George parking lot to get to the show, my friend Jessica, who graduated from UCSB, and I were ready to get started. The show starts at 18:00 and with 9 acts to go through, one of the most interesting things is how the Gibson Amphitheater stage is set up to rotate. This means that when the second group performs in front of the audience, the main group will prepare for the other part. This means there is no time left between sets, which means “That’s right!” for all of us happy to see these events.

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

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The first act is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Aside from having one of the coolest team names in the business, this is a fun start to the show. Vocalist Alex Ebert (who I recently met is also the frontman of the indie band Ima Robot, who I really like) leads the 9 piece band very well, as they create a crowd pleasing Boy. . Not wanting to be part of the audience, Alex wandered through the crowd, continued to sing, and handed a lucky fan a skeet. Since each band has a lot of time to play, ES and MZ (although their acronyms are good!) came with a set list that naturally included two of the most popular songs. “. When “Zeros” ended, I was sure that everyone in the audience was happy to see this opening continue into the night.

Next to play is Broken Bells. The new group, whose diversity includes DJ Danger Mouse and The Shins lead singer James Mercer, is another strong entry on the list. With an emphasis on distribution and minimal crowd interaction, Broken Bells have spread material that, when put together, played their music well (as expected, and I’m a fan of their debut album), and made a great album. hardworking crowd pleased with deep, cool rock sound. For those unfamiliar with the name Broken Bells, just check out their song, “The High Road,” and recognition should be pretty quick.

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Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

Due to a schedule change, which I’ll get to later, the next band is The Temper Trap. Fortunately, this Australian alternative quartet managed to deliver their best set of the night to date, since Broken Bells. Best known for their single ‘Sweet Disposition’, The Temper Trap is sure to alert listeners to the abundance of their favorite instruments by putting their game together in one piece. in the air. Things were tribal as lead singer Dougy Mandagi finally put down the mic and focused on playing one of his big drums in a song called “Drum Song”. Despite its crowd-pleasing appeal, the sheer sincerity of the music allows passionate audiences to gravitate to the lyrics they find entertaining.

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Next up, the opening night band, thanks to their singer, Neon Trees did a great job on stage and made me a big fan of what they have to offer. This year’s biggest banger, with sounds like ‘Animal’ and ‘1983’, Neon Trees are a force to be reckoned with as they take to the stage, well dressed, with the holiday spirit in mind. Lead singer Tyler Glenn, who can sport a shiny mohawk and, as Jessica said, has a mouth of his own, should make a splash as he records the band’s songs, jumps along and all the silly things like being along. . regular audience, and even brought Santa Claus to deliver presents. What more could you ask for? What about the chance to sing at length? It happened again, when Tyler gave simple instructions that listeners easily followed. As enjoyable as it was, I became very happy with fast rock music.

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

After the Neon Trees, arriving at what seemed like the right time, when we were told the traffic going to the Gibson Amphitheater from the 405 freeway was really bad, Florence + The Machine appeared on the other side of the ring stage and Get Ready. to fill up. Like I said, this concert could use both: more cowbells and a blissful daydream girl,

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Made one point, by letting me hear the London-born singer Florence Welch. Although I didn’t hear the cowbells, I was rewarded by watching an amazing band with Welch’s amazing voice, accompanied by his own band (The Machine), with an incredible golden harp. Although the entire movie is very interesting and fun to watch (“Cosmic Love” is definitely a hit), “Florence” ends with the famous song, “Dog Days Are Over,” which is very cool because it was delayed. on stage they were given very little time to complete; so the band continued to play wholeheartedly, even as the stage was turning to hold the next show.

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022

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And speaking of what came next, The Black Keys took the stage and started off strong with their latest single, “Tighten Up.” The Black Keys are one of my top 3 reasons to go to a concert, and again, as I’ve seen them a few times now, good comes from their performance. Announcing early on that he had limited time and would play as many songs as possible, “Keys” was not slow, performing dark, blues, rock and roll music. crazy with joy. Featuring Dan Auerbach on guitar and vocals and Patrick Karney on drums, this duo sure knows how to please their fans, as this setlist features eight songs, all expertly crafted. At the end of their single, “I Got Mine”, my feelings are similar.

Performed as a solo artist. Obviously very popular, although I may not be a big fan of him or The Killers, I’ve seen an artist do something that makes everyone happy. Flowers opened with her new song, “Crossfire” (which I met), but it was a special surprise for the crowd. Flowers speak to the audience

Almost Acoustic Christmas 2022


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