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Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

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The 7.5-foot Royal Majestic Douglas Fir is a new recommendation, and the Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Fraser Fir Flip Tree Color + Clear LED replaces the Balsam Hill Nordmann Fir.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

We have provided special Christmas trees with care, decoration and attention to detail, many can be beautiful, but the National Tree Company 7.5-foot Douglas Fir stands out as real and competitive. A cheap, excellent and beautiful option, we recommend it first among the many plants we have tried since 2016. However, the “fair price” took on a new meaning in the fall of 2021, due to the price of commercial plants. If you can wait another year, you can save some money. Artificial Christmas trees also have a higher environmental value than live trees, which is an important factor in the minds of many people who have invested in both types and measure their value.

The Best Artificial Christmas Trees For The Holidays 2022

In fact, complete, multi-dimensional, LED-lighting can be switched between all-white and colorful modes, and it is connected in its power when the parts are combined.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Compared to cheap and affordable trees, the National Tree Company Douglas Fir (PEDD1-D12-75) provides a good balance of cost, functionality and ease of installation. About 2,000 polyethylene branches are wrapped in a handle covered with special “pin lines”, it has a structure similar to other high density trees, but 37% polyethylene, the yield is higher than average. from those living branches, create a convincing picture of a living tree. Its 750 built-in bulbs beautifully fill its branches, and the lights can be changed from white to multi-color to a mix of the two, giving it an amazing effect. And while some trees require you to find light wires in the leaves and connect them manually, the PowerConnect system on the trunk of this tree automatically work for you when you connect its three parts. At 7.5 feet tall and nearly 5 feet tall, the plant is very productive; it fills the corner of almost every living room. Finally, it is widely available, easy to install and affordable. (For smaller homes, we recommend the 6.5-foot version.)

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Royal Majestic Douglas Fir Pule’s Royal Majestic Douglas Fir offers exceptional realism at a great price, comes with warm and bright bulbs – the kind that work even with one bulb.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Uses For An Old Christmas Tree

The 7.5-foot Royal Douglas Fir Puleo (RMDD-75QC8) emerged from the box without the shedding branches that all artificial trees need, as one of the authors points out. , “It looks like a real tree”. Puleo is finished with its original polyethylene branches in special color variations, such as bright green markings to represent new growth, and creating one of the most believable illusions we’ve ever seen in any herb. Its lights automatically connect via wires to body parts, making installation easy. Unlike all our other options, the lights on this tree are regular bulbs, not LED, and they are very bright. But if you want the warm glow of bulbs, know that this is a part, not a box. And unlike some Christmas lights, other bulbs will work even with one bulb.

More knowledge, real help for partners, more money. For a long-term investment in a special plant, Balsam Hill’s most popular “variety” is hard to beat.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Compared to the native Douglas fir trees, Balsam Hill’s Fraser Fir Flip Tree Color + Clear LED has more number and volume of real branches, which seem to be more alive, especially in the room. There’s also a larger display on the back (1,320 vs. 750), which provides a nice display that our testers generally like. The lights, such as the Downswept Douglas Fir lights, are automatically connected via wires in the trunk, and can be switched between clear, colored or the combination of the two. We especially appreciate that the bottom of this tree has wheels, a unique feature of our test group, because they facilitate transport and storage. The “Flip” feature simply flips the bottom of the tree vertically during installation – so you don’t have to lift it. you – another welcome addition when the plant weighs 78 pounds. Like the cheap wood that we searched for, you still need to spend some time to save it so that it looks great, but it can achieve a level of perfection and authenticity that is really amazing.

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Best Artificial Christmas Trees Of 2021 — Best Fake Christmas Trees

Fun, kitschy and faux breezy, this all-white option was stunningly beautiful in our tests and provides a nice change to traditional holiday glamour.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

The National Company 7.5-foot Winchester White Tree (WCHW7-300-75) is our choice for kitsch lovers or people who just want something fun and interesting. It boasts authenticity, with an all-white trunk, branches and PVC needles illuminated by 500 white bulbs. But surprisingly, in our tests, even those who like natural live wood liked the way it looked. It shines like a crystal lamp and is especially beautiful in a dark room or a corner that does not get much sunlight during the day.

Artificial plants offer versatility, as proven by this affordable option of our choice – if you don’t want a small plant in a small room, consider a smaller model with a smaller footprint.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Best Artificial Christmas Trees For The Season

The 7.5-foot National Tree Company Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir Pencil Slim (PEDD4-392D-75) is an excellent choice for small spaces such as a foyer or apartment, or a utility tree (placed next to a fire engine or entrance). for example). At just 32 inches in diameter, it’s about half the width of the Downswept Douglas fir it’s based on. It is similar (but smaller) to real branches, and its 300 LED bulbs can glow white, colorful, or a combination of the two. Because of its pencil shape, we don’t seem to recognize the living pine, but when it shines and decorates, it is beautiful in its own way.

Our obsession with fake Christmas trees began in 2016 when Wirecutter senior reporter Tim Heffernan visited the New Jersey office of a fake tree manufacturer. Since then, we’ve bought plants online and in person at many big box stores, sampled many plants over the years, and spent hours looking at plants at the House. of Holiday – the largest store in New York – owner Larry Gurin loves plants. it’s fake.” Wirecutter CEO Courtney Schley interviewed the American Christmas Tree Association, which represents tree manufacturers, to gain insight into the industry itself, including manufacturing, marketing and design. , and figures. For the 2019 version of this guide, Wirecutter Senior Editor Harry Sawyers spoke with three major companies to reveal the latest offers and check out what’s new in the world of fake trees. In 2021, the team talked to three manufacturers, two of which are new to us.

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Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

The best way to decide who should get a special Christmas tree is to compare the pros and cons of fake and live Christmas trees.

Decorated Christmas Tree Ideas

Long-term cost effectiveness: Up front, artificial plants are more expensive than real plants; According to the National Christmas Tree Association, which represents the live tree industry, the cost of a live tree will be about $81 in 2020. On average, an artificial tree will cost $400. after five years, and the best trees can live for many more years.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Less maintenance and less stress: no need to water fake wood or spray it under the surface. You don’t have to go to the tree every year to plant a “good” tree (a tradition that many people enjoy). Having a Christmas tree at home ready to go after Thanksgiving means one less job and one less expense during a busy and budget year.

Safety: A 2019 New York Times article stated that about 160 house fires a year involve Christmas trees, the National Fire Protection Association reported that “a disproportionate number of fires are Christmas trees include traditional trees.” Also in 2019, investigators from the local news agency CBS, in Washington, DC, tried to burn a plant with a fire extinguisher (video), but failed until they poured it into the can gasoline. In the same test, a healthy live plant burned quickly, but eventually went out – although it should be noted that their test plants had no decorations or lights and were mounted on a concrete wall. In the NFPA video, in contrast, dry, unburned live wood burns. The NFPA also found that Christmas tree lights are the cause of nearly half of all Christmas tree fires (PDF). Be sure to check your tree lamp for exposed wires and do not hang ornaments directly on the wires, as the weight or sharp ends of the hanger can damage the wires.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees 2022

Best Artificial Christmas Trees


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