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Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids – It’s hard to believe that Christmas was a month ago and I say this because, at least to me, it feels like Christmas was a million years ago. The new year is coming fast and January is a bit of a beast!

I love the holidays with a burning passion and realize I should probably go ahead, but then I have an idea for a blog post that I think you guys might be interested in. Hopefully it will be a useful post for the future as different birthdays come up for the kids in your life throughout the year.

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

In today’s blog, I delve into sharing “holiday hits” from our son’s Christmas this year. It was the gifts and surprises they received from me and Ryan, family and friends that really blew them away. And by that, I mean these are the toys and books they regularly look for a month later. If a toy takes a beating a month later, that’s usually a good sign and means it’s likely to stand the test of time and continue to see good use as the months go by. Let’s hope so at least!

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For Kids In 2022

This is a child’s “big Christmas present” and truly the gift he keeps on giving! The Blocksy Couch is Pottery Barn Kids’ version of the ever-selling Nugget Couch and has proven to be a Christmas favorite for all of our kids. They play with this pillow in some way every day!

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Cushions are very versatile and made to be used in a variety of ways. Our guys have used it to create forts, caves, obstacle courses, animal hideouts, reading nooks, race tracks with super long ramps, and more. They are great for encouraging imaginative play and I can’t recommend them highly enough!

It should also be noted that the cushions can be removed and treated to remove stains and dirt. I already have first hand experience with these and I can assure you that they clean well. I’ve only had to wash it once so far, but that was after a pretty big poop mess, so I can safely say the fabric is great for kids!

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

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This “gift” was actually a gift from a friend, so it’s new to Rhett (and our family) and probably the most popular Christmas song for our little one! Scouts sing, light up, play learning songs and lullabies and talk about feelings, numbers, colors and counting. Rhett loves this little dog and carries him around the house. I’ve also seen Ryder gravitate towards Scout a time or two. There’s obviously a reason he has over 9,000 positive reviews on Amazon!

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We had a walkie talkie for the kids a few years ago that they loved but, like many cheap kids’ toys, it broke. Womp, womp. When my sister mentioned that she was going to buy the kids a three pack of walkie talkies for Christmas I said go for it and as expected they loved them again!

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Big kids use their walkie talkies all the time to communicate with each other around the house, but also as pretend radios for various pretend play. (At 16 months, Rhett loves to push all the buttons.) They also love talking to my parents on the walkie talkie when my parents have a third walkie talkie in the car when we drive to the same place. at the same time during our trip to Florida.

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This is one of the top items on men’s wish lists this year. Chase wanted a snowy owl after reading about Hedwig in Harry Potter and Ryder loves everything Chase loves him, so we know he’ll be a new stuffed animal friend too. I found these two snowy owls on Amazon and we are very impressed with the quality! They are very soft and quite large and the boys immediately think they are the best. They both sleep with their owls every night and regularly put them in various imaginative play settings.

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Plus, aside, we’ve loved some of Wild Republic’s stuffed animals over the years and have found that they’re always of the highest quality. They are made of very soft fabric and often look very realistic, which makes children love them even more!

Rewinding my life before children, I would have thought puzzles would be something children would do once and ignore in the future. I could never have predicted our son’s interest in puzzles. They work on puzzles several times a week together and alone. Our entire family knows that Ryder in particular is our big puzzler and he was blessed with two huge floor puzzles (this space puzzle + this rainforest puzzle) and both boys have been repeating them for the last month. (Note: We’ve had luck finding good floor puzzles at thrift stores!)

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Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

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I saved a few items from the latest installment of Ryder’s LOVEVERY subscription (a lovely birthday present for him from my mom) and packed them up to open on Christmas morning. This fort + puppet theater is one of my hideouts and continues to get love from the guys. The quality is amazing (the sticks are made of solid wood) and they have been using them to build forts and put on countless puppet shows since Christmas morning.

When one of these deliveries is mailed to kids, it feels like Christmas all over again! Little Passports and Science Junior is a subscription installment that lets kids explore new places and learn about our world through activities, stories, experiments, and art projects. These are interactive gifts that our family likes to make together and sometimes I stash supplies for rainy day activities or days when the kids don’t have school and we might be looking for something more complicated to do together. Chase and Ryder have been doing it for a few years and my mom and mother-in-law renewed their subscriptions for Christmas, which was great.

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

Chase is really interested in Harry Potter at the moment and when I mentioned this on the blog many of you encouraged us to check out the illustrated edition. She absolutely loves them and is so excited to receive a third picture book for Christmas! They are very well done and while I was initially concerned that the images would affect his imagination and the images he created in his head as we read the story together, it only increased his enthusiasm for the story as he enjoyed looking ahead and making guesses. what will happen next.

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There are some gifts that, while beautiful, may not have a great reaction when opened. And then there are gifts like this Paw Patrol car that gets the most enthusiastic reaction when the wrapping paper is removed. This car with a built-in motorcycle and jump-start drive gets Ryder’s best reaction on Christmas morning, proving that all things Paw Patrol + Cars are related.

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Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

This is a unique gift that Chase received from my mom. As a kid who loves games and stories, Story Time Chess is the best of both worlds. It uses characters, stories, activities, and images to help younger children learn the moves, strategies, and language of chess. He’s so creative and Chase is always excited to play!

My sister hit it out of the park with this busy board for Rhett’s Christmas present this year! It’s true that Leslie and I are obsessed with Etsy when it comes to finding unique gifts for our respective children (we gave Callie this custom stool this year, which was also a hit!) and Rhett’s custom busy board is her ultimate winner!

Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

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The busy board has become a toy that I watch Rhett play with over and over again. We even put him in the car on our road trip to Florida and he kept him entertained for almost 20 minutes, which is forever in Baby Land.

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Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids

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Best Christmas Gifts 2022 Kids


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