September 26, 2022

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022 – The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Rock Tour, powered by SiriusXM, tours 34 cities, starting with a sold-out show last night in Brian’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click here for a full list of tour dates!

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

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Review: In Clearwater, Brian Setzer Dusts Off Christmas Classics And His Own Big Tunes, Too (w/photo + Setlist)

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Christmas Comes Early On Fantracks Digital: The Brian Setzer Orchestra’s “ Christmas Rocks! Live” Available For First Time On Vod Via Fantracks, December 19 26

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

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The Brian Setzer Orchestra Tickets

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Brian Setzer Cancels Christmas Rocks! Tour Due To Tinnitus

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Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Other unclassified cookies are those that are being analyzed but have not yet been classified. Ohio – 40 years after the release of Stray Cats’ first album, Brian Setzer is still flying the rockabilly flag. pride.

Refreshed Stray Cats Rock This Minnesota Casino On Their Reunion Tour

Singer and guitarist who also leads the Brian Setzer Orchestra Big Band, his new solo album “Gotta Have Rumble” arrives this week after seven years. Following 2014’s “Rockabilly Riot! All Original”, they arrive in 2019 to celebrate Stray Cats’ 40th anniversary, which includes a new “40” album and tour.

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

For “Gotta Have the Rumble”, Setzer worked with producer Julian Raymond from home in Minneapolis, co-writing 6 of 11 tracks with Mike Himelstein and 2 other tracks with Stephen “Dibbs” Preston. I did.

I thought the pompadour was gone and the tattoo was covered with a leather motorcycle jacket. At least on the album cover, “Rumble” finds that Setzer still sounds annoyed and sounds not very different from the abandoned Long Island kid who grew up loving Eddie. Cochran and Gene Vincent have enjoyed their work over the years…

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Christmas Rocks! Live [blu Ray]: The Brian Setzer Orchestra, The Brian Setzer Orchestra: Movies & Tv Shows

Setzer: You know, I’m fine because I need a break. It got worse in line with all the ringing in my ears. You will notice that the tour is being discontinued. It’s rough. It really took me all this time to calm down and I’m fine now. So by chance it worked for me. but that’s me It was difficult for many people.

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Setzer: I think it actually happened because I had some free time. There’s nothing to do, it’s just a forced pause to face. So the songs started coming out and I started making demos. Then Julian Raymond called me. Because I was on Glen Campbell’s last album. He said, “Hey, do you want to put out a record with me? There’s a new way.” So I said “let’s go”.

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Setzer: He wanted me to send him my song, my demo and he would let people play. I said “it doesn’t sound like a recording to me” but he said “try it”. I sent a few and they came back well. One in Memphis, one in Nashville, and they were recording wherever they were, and it sounded really good. I was happy. That’s what inspired me to keep writing and that’s how we made this record. The sound was so good that I didn’t ask a lot of questions.

Concert Review: Brian Setzer Orchestra “christmas Tour” At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Brian Setcher, who released his latest solo album this week, said the Bryan Setcher Orchestra will perform again. “Oh, the orchestra is still me. Love.”

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Setzer: You see, if I’m true to myself, I play Gretsch guitar with my favorite sounds: reverb, vibrato, echo, etc. If I keep that sound it’s me and I can do whatever I want. It’s really a feeling. It’s really sexy music. That excited me a little. It’s emotional. And they can also branch. Everything that makes music interesting is that we keep adding to it to keep things new, so it’s not just repeating old songs.

Setzer: Yes, the song “Rockabilly Riot” is the title of the last album. Although it is a rockabilly song, there are many unexpected elements that cannot be obtained from a normal rockabilly song. Change button. There was a bit of Middle Eastern riff that you might not have heard of in the ’50s. It’s still a rockabilly song with a few differences.

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

The Brian Setzer Orchestra Announces 16th Annual ‘christmas Rocks! Tour’

Setzer: The second is with my friend Mike Himelstein. He wrote a lot for me. And he laughed, “You know what? All the songs are about a man who doesn’t want to be trapped. He’s trying to escape. I have a song about a man who likes to get married.” The board has a sense of humor. I thought it was clever. I thought we should joke and laugh. If the lyrics are good, the song comes out right away.

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Seth: I don’t know. who knows There are two things I want to do, one is to do a little bit of this album, ‘I had a great tour with Stray Cats in 19, so I want to play with Stray Cats again. It turned out to be surprising. I didn’t know we would get such a response. We did a full European tour but the US is limited so we want to come back here with them. So I think these two are the most interesting.

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Setzer: Yeah, I really like the way we’re recording, the way we’re doing this recording. But yes, I’ll do it if he wants. I don’t know if we can do what we want. The band Stray Cats has a special magic when they are together. You may have to be in the same room. I have to see.

Congrats To The Brian Setzer Orchestra On Their Most Successful Tour Yet!!

Meanwhile, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Stray Cats’ 1st album. What view do you have now?

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Setzer: I knew we were a good band, but I didn’t know the little magic we had, the little spark. It took me years to see it. I watched it again on YouTube and it was all… When I was young, there were only 3 people, and it seems like they just do it without knowing anything, right? It was a band with passion and chemistry. It took me a while to figure it out. I didn’t know then.

To celebrate our anniversary, our first non-rockabilly solo album, “The Knife Feels Like Justice,” is also 35 years old.

Brian Setzer Christmas Tour 2022

Brian Setzer Performs With The Brian Setzer Orchestra During Their… News Photo

Setzer: Well, I’m going to do something else, thinking the world will like it. (Laughs) I think I wanted to get away from rockabilly. I’m not sorry there are good songs. and that’s all


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