September 26, 2022

Christmas Catalog 2022

Christmas Catalog 2022 – When does the holiday really start? It is difficult for us to answer this question

Fans, they spend Christmas dreaming about Hogwarts. We’re always happy to show off our latest favorites

Christmas Catalog 2022

Christmas Catalog 2022

And holidays. However, the collection contains countless beautiful Christmas moments that look almost magical, and offers many options for LEGO’s new annual advent calendar.

Sears’ Lasting Impact

A calendar will appear. The advent calendar is expected to be released this September, ahead of the festive season. Next to Lego

Christmas Catalog 2022

At this time, it has not been announced what will be included in the advent calendar. However, judging by the promotional images on the packaging, it appears to be similar to the toy included in the 2021 Advent Calendar. The packaging for the new 2022 time calendar features the upper part on the front under a picture of a Quidditch pitch. The 2021 Advent Calendar focuses on the journey from Privet Drive to Hogwarts. It contains many famous attractions, including Platform 9, the Third Quarter and the Diagon Alley entrance. This year’s arrival calendar is expected to be similar, but the focus will likely be on other aspects of the series.

Additionally, Nymphadora Tonks from the 76408 12 Grimmauld Place LEGO set can be seen opposite Harry Potter. This indicates that the two miniatures will be included in the advent calendar. It is not clear how many Advent calendars this year will have, but usually there are 24 variations, one for each day.

Christmas Catalog 2022

Sears Wishbook Christmas Catalogs 2000 2009

While you wait for more information on this year’s Advent Calendar, you can check out other LEGO Harry Potter sets. If that doesn’t meet your needs, you can check out the Harry Potter sets Evanna Lynch has at LEGO Con.

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Are you thinking about purchasing this year’s advent calendar? What is your favorite year? Let us know in the comments below.

Christmas Catalog 2022

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