September 26, 2022

Christmas Ideas 2022

Christmas Ideas 2022 – Hi guys, today I’m doing something different, this hot and humid day at the end of July. In fact, I like to consider it a “reset” with an opportunity to start thinking about inspiration for the Christmas holidays that will arrive before we know it. I’m joining a group of talented professionals who have amazing ideas all year long! Our friend Rachel from The Ponds Farmhouse put together this fun hop and if you’re visiting Coco at The Crown Goat, thanks so much for stopping by and keep on hoppin’. Let’s go a little further with some Christmas ideas and inspiration.

When I heard the concept of “Christmas in July” years ago, I thought, “Why do I have to take down all the Christmas decorations “twice” in one year?” For me the Christmas season is not just about the decorations but the emotional state that builds and accumulates every year. But, a few years ago I noticed that instead of the actual “celebration” of Christmas in July, many of us feel it’s the middle of the year when we can gather ideas and inspiration for the coming season. So today I’m sharing some inspiration from past Christmases to jumpstart my creativity for the next holiday.

Christmas Ideas 2022

Christmas Ideas 2022

1. I love Pinterest and make a habit of pinning ideas and inspiration throughout the year. Let your Pinterest Christmas boards serve as a great resource for new ideas and ways to use up your existing Christmas items. (Yes, I have about 11 Christmas boards that break down Christmas ideas by design). Start browsing your boards and Pinterest and look back through your favorite Christmas magazines from late summer. Sometimes you see an image that starts the process of inspiration.

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2. Take a quick look at your Christmas cupboard to refresh your memory of what you have on hand. Sometimes I buy things on clearance and forget I have them. Make a list of things you want to try this coming year. Shop early, items will be gone before you know it.

Christmas Ideas 2022

3. Consider a theme or vibe for decorating this upcoming season. What is your passion this year? Vintage, coastal, garden-y, rustic, elegant, French country, all white…well, you get the idea. What are your favorite Christmas design themes?

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4. Want to try something new? Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit. But remember that you don’t have to reinvent the Christmas wheel. Do you like your culture with jewelry?… Take what you like and make it work for your family.

Christmas Ideas 2022

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5. You don’t have to decorate every space or every room. Select multiple locations, then build from there.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite photos from Christmas past, which sum up the style of Christmas decorations. It can be a little different every year, but it always has the same “taste” with the taste of old, cottage and nature.

Christmas Ideas 2022

I have a few Christmas related “collections” and I try to use them in different places every year. I try not to get confused by using the same thing in the same place. So I challenge myself every year with new vignettes and developments.

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I have a few pieces of furniture suitable for display. An old family screen with a large back mirror and a small top mirror is a favorite. The white walls looked great there so it was a fun place to show off the look of the small house and church collection.

Christmas Ideas 2022

I like a small shelf above the mirror, because it’s a good size for displaying small things, so here are some white putz cardboard houses and churches.

I started collecting vintage sparkly jewelry years ago when I had booths at antique shops and vintage markets, so here are some vintage jewelry in neutrals like white, silver, and gold in batter bowls with large candles.

Christmas Ideas 2022

John Lewis 2022 Christmas Decorations And Themes

These great churches have changed little over the years. I collected them because the church was white, but as my love for the white palette continued, I decided to make them a little more “white”. I was planning on giving them away, but I’m glad I took a minute to update them more recently.

Here they shine in beautiful original mirrors and sparkle in the twilight. We moved so many times, it’s a miracle this mirror survived.

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Christmas Ideas 2022

Here are some “before” pictures of the church before they got a little paint. I thought these might be worn because I haven’t used them in years, but a little subtle color saved the collection.

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We have lived in our current house for 3 years and although it is an old house built in the 60s, we have managed to update it to suit our needs. One of my favorite rooms to decorate is the sunroom, aka the garden room. It is at the back of our house and has mostly white chippy furniture, wicker seating and a formal dining area. Here are some pictures where I use tartan plaid (my favorite Christmas theme).

Christmas Ideas 2022

I collect vintage tartan fleeces for fall and Christmas, so they are used every year to bring back the love of plaid. Also, I keep vintage rugs, and pillows rotate throughout the year with the color of the season. One of my design tips is that I use the “colors” of nature in my jewelry. You don’t have to have seasonal or “holiday” decorations to convey the mood and spirit of the holidays. Red transfers, tartan tins and blankets and green leaves all add to the “Christmas”.

Another interesting ancient Piaf nickname is the “Holiday Copy”. It is a pleasant place with plenty of salt throughout the year, seasons and festivals.

Christmas Ideas 2022

Stunning Christmas Decoration Ideas 2022

Adjacent to the kitchen is a casual dining area. When it’s just the two of us, we use the breakfast bar at the kitchen island instead of sitting at the table. When we have family we make a few steps here for meals.

Baker’s Rack is a vintage 90s store that’s a fun spot for seasonal displays in the Garden District.

Christmas Ideas 2022

I wanted to keep the dining room a little more minimalist and lean a little more towards a rustic French country style. I have heavy, dark furniture in this small space and I wanted something substantial like a large table because it would stand in front of the chairs. Sometimes I’ll have an idea pop up, but I’ll tweak and tweak until I get there.

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I have an old window box that I salvaged from two houses ago; Perfect size for a dining table. So last year I used 3 salvaged hardwood trees with some fake greenery, fake hydrangeas, and I added green and golden pears for some color. I love the look of pears, but they need a little Christmas dressing. I searched through my paint bag and found this Decoart metallic paint and decided to give it a try. I don’t want a strong look, but something like a “bath” of gold.

Christmas Ideas 2022

Here’s a post on the dining room from 2 years ago, using a traditional basket and some velvet poinsettias I’ve had over the years. I was very uncomfortable here at the table. Baskett told me to use a neutral color scheme as opposed to tartan.

Ok guys, thanks a lot for visiting. I hope you got some fun ideas and inspiration for Christmas decorations. I hope that you will continue to meet and hope to see Mary in life at Bella Terra. And a big thank you to Rachel for putting together this fun session. This is new to me.

Christmas Ideas 2022

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Christmas Ideas 2022

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Christmas Ideas 2022

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