September 26, 2022

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022 – Floods by 8pm EDT SAT, Coastal Citrus County, Inland Citrus County, Coastal Hernando County, Inland Hernando County, Coastal Pasco, Inland Pasco County, Pinellas County, Coastal Hillsborough County, Inland Hillsborough County, Coastal Manatee County, Inland Manatee County , Coastal Sarasota County, Inner Sarasota County

GOLLAND, Florida. – The Lakeland Christmas Parade paraded through the downtown streets on Thursday, December 2. The holiday tradition took a year off due to the pandemic, but it’s back in a big way to celebrate its 40th anniversary.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

It is estimated that around 50,000 people attended the parade. For many, it’s a tradition and everyone has a favorite – from marching bands to buoys to fire trucks. This year’s march was attended by 88 people passing through the city center.

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The city asked people not to reserve the area until the day of the parade, and people arrived early and took their seats in the early morning. 19.00. parade of lights and laughter.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Safety is always taken very seriously at the parade, but this year there has been increased attention when a car made its way into the Wisconsin holiday parade a week and a half ago.

“We have a plan. We’re using some of our larger vehicles like garbage trucks and this one to block off certain streets where people can’t enter the parade,” said Kevin Cook, director of communications for the City of Lakeland.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

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However, this did not spoil the mood, as the children sat close together on the sidewalks while the parents stopped to take in the sights. The Lakeland Christmas Parade is back in its 41st year after taking a break last year due to COVID-19.

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GOLLAND, Florida. – A well-attended Christmas parade in Leyland filled the streets of the town known for its swans on Thursday.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

The annual Lakeland Christmas Parade is back in its 41st year after a hiatus in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That means it’s technically the 40th parade the city has hosted.

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The event is so popular that the city had to send out another statement this year asking parade attendees not to put seats up in the days before the event or for city crews to remove seats. In years past, chairs and other furniture have blocked the sidewalks, forcing people to take to the streets to get around.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Safety has been a major concern this year after a car crashed into a Wisconsin Christmas parade a few days ago. City cleaning trucks and other large vehicles blocked access to other cars along the route, protecting visitors and parade participants, organizers said.

From there, the buoys roamed the streets of downtown Lakeland, starting at the RP Finance Center. The 1.25-mile route circled Mirror Lake and returned to the RP Funding Center. You can view the walking route here. Thousands are expected to flock to downtown Lakeland to watch the annual Christmas parade and fireworks on Thursday night. Read on for a map of the parade and a look at the festivities:

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

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Who: 88 participants, including floats and orchestra; In the past, as many as 40,000 spectators attended. Sponsor: Greater Lakeland Junior League

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Streets/Parking: The streets on the parade route will begin to close at 15:30. Public parking spaces are available on open streets, public areas, and parking garages (map) off the parade route.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible viewing areas are located on both sides of Main Street near the Lakeland Fire Department headquarters. Parking is available for disabled-permitted vehicles in the Rose Street car park.

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Length: From the time the floats arrive at your location, the parade usually takes about an hour and a half.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

Awards are given in eight categories: Outstanding Group, Most Original Float, Best Professional Float, Best Youth or Education Float, Best Community Float, Best Business Float, Best Theme, and Jury Selection.

ALSO: LakelandMom is posting a great family guide to the Christmas parade with lots of tips for parade attendees. See here.

Lakeland Christmas Parade 2022

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