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National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022 – Whether they’re happy, cool or whimsical, artists from Moyes Soyer to Yoko Ono add a personal and heartfelt touch to greeting cards.

Santa Claus stands out in this early 1980s greeting card sent by Arturo Rodrigues, inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s three “room” paintings.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

Holiday cards are often appreciated for the simplest of reasons, whether it’s a grandchild’s little hand, a picture of a friend living abroad, or just good fun.

National Christmas Tree (united States)

Marilyn Brownell’s Christmas Message Art The only word printed on the holly-wrapped case is “humbug”.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

At the end of Dickens’ Christmas Message by artist Marilyn Brownell, there is a single word “humbug” surrounded by holly leaves.

In 1843, when British civil servant Henry Cole came up with the idea, he had more utility in mind. He invited his friend John Horsley to design three panels with human themes: portraits of people caring for the poor, family scenes where love abounds. If you are lucky enough to inherit one of the original cards, they are worth several thousand dollars more today than the original card.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

Toy World Magazine January 2022 By Toyworld Magazine

Obviously, a holiday card can range from iconic to New Year’s coffee coaster, depending on how you feel about the sender. In 2019, are all the high-tech ways to get your message out, holiday cards or “things” anymore?

For sure. As a result, Americans will buy 1.6 billion Christmas cards this year, according to the Health Card Association. Digital content is overwhelming, but consumers want consistency in critical moments, says Sondra Harding, senior director of corporate communications at online publishing service Shutterfly.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

“There’s the traditional family photo, but often with other less formal and more candid shots,” Harding says, adding that users are increasingly personalizing their vacation videos with high-resolution photos.

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Advances in digital printing technology now allow customers to add beautiful, shiny metal plates to their cards. Artificial intelligence has also infected the greeting card industry: algorithms help you collect the best images, choose images for you and put them on your product. (Read how artificial intelligence is changing our lives.)

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

The message concept artist Michael Bidlow tried to send to Leon Castelli in his 1980 holiday cards — a flat Brillo box slathered in black hand?

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Katie Rabe, director of product at Vistaprint, says her main challenge is identifying trends in fashion, interior design, floral design, etc., and which ones work best for holiday card design. “When you’re getting jewelry or home decor, a big trend is gold and geometric shapes. Watercolors are popular now and include festive colors in abstract color designs. Some customers prefer traditional things, but many prefer cute designs, or simple words like ‘my all’ towards a kind of celebration.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

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On the other hand, what if the most mundane and mundane birthday greetings imaginable were made by a famous artist? Research by Maria Savig and her colleagues at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art into gift cards, notes and boxes of artwork to preserve season’s greetings led to the 2012 book project From Famous Artists to Their Friends. Sent handmade Christmas cards. .” She curates original watercolor paintings, etchings, fabric covers, illustrations and mixed media created by distinguished artists for holiday greetings for friends and colleagues.

Through years of reading collected papers and artifacts from artists such as Josef Albers, Alexander Calder, and Robert Motherwell, material has been preserved that archivists have over the years put on display only during the holidays. But in 2010, Savig said her supervisor, Deputy Archives Director Liza Kirwin, encouraged her to formally develop the program.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

Sawyer’s letters are painted in a variety of colors and feature portraits of Santa Claus, a menorah, Moses himself, his wife Ida, and their dog Martha.

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He was the only person who could achieve this. Patty Savig’s mother has sold holiday cards in the company’s retail stores for nearly 40 years. “The book is really an intersection of really cool papers that we already knew and knew about my own career in the field.”

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

As Savig discovered, these Yuletide crafts were revered for their astonishing simplicity or praised as bold extensions of the creator’s imagination.

They cover all mediums, from hand-painted or printed notes to truly elaborate designs for recipients.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

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One of Savig’s personal favorites is an object created by a surrealist artist named Kay Sage. It consists of a paper clip, two rubber bands and a piece of cardboard with “NOEL” written on it. “As with many things, it was probably just made from mixed media pieces lying around in his studio.”

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Another surrealist painter, Chicago artist Julia Thekla, created the complex under the influence of Katherine Kuh, a friend of the Season Salute curator who was also a patron. Thekla loved the holidays and was known for her colorful seasonal paintings and homemade cards that were sold in boutiques around town.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

See the subversive cherubs famous for Raphael’s Sistine Madonna, Julia Thekla’s holiday postcard, the artist’s painting of an angel smoking a cigarette next to a jug of wine.

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As Savig describes, “(Thekla) made this really detailed card in a black envelope and spray-painted it to look like snow. Then she made snow circles out of Styrofoam and decorated the snow with watercolors.” The snowman’s hand holds a small envelope containing a small card with the words “For Christmas and New Years, I would like a bag of all your wishes.”

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

In addition to the importance of time, according to Savig, the pictures give an overview of the life and times of the creators.

“What I appreciate the most is what they show in the art world,” he says. “You realize that there are a lot of actors in these very close communities, and you can describe those relationships. It makes them even more human, because sometimes you see that they were playful or charming, even though he didn’t have art.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

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Scientists and filmmakers captured the large gathering of whale fins as part of a new Disney+ streaming series.

Wood frogs hibernate in a remarkable state: frozen, still alive. If they are really melted, they will find a tank for delivery.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

The 900-mile pipeline will bring much-needed revenue to Uganda and Tanzania. But it would disrupt thousands of lives and important wildlife habitats – not to mention the impact on the climate. On December 25, people around the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. ,

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There is no more recognized symbol of Christmas than Santa Claus – a festive beard who also walks around St. Santa Claus is based on the 3rd century Greek bishop St. Nicholas and is associated with the December gift giving. On this Russian icon, a scene from the life of St. Nicholas is surrounded.

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National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

Christmas is as fun as it is bright – but how did it become popular? The Christian holiday, which has been celebrated on December 25 for most of the century, is full of traditions and celebrations celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem.

In recent times, the secular holiday has been increasingly celebrated as a fun and festive time for family fun, characterized by the traditions of different cultures. Find out how Christmas came to be and what’s behind some of its best-loved treats.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

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The Adoration of the Magi by John Correa de Vivre depicts three wise men approaching Jesus Christ and giving him gifts. Although it is now celebrated on December 25, the date of Jesus’ birth is not mentioned in the Gospels.

He went: on Christmas Day A.D. But Charlemagne was crowned Christian Emperor of the West in St. Peter’s Church in Rome. 800 At this time, the Christian church began to celebrate God’s birthday on December 25, although historians differ on how the church felt about it. Date

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

Right: Part of a 12th-century stone pillar depicting the month of December and Christmas Day in Sauvigny, France.

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The Christian Gospels do not mention the time of Jesus’ birth, which is Christmas. They tell a kind of humble story.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

According to the Gospels, God chose the Virgin Mary to give birth to Jesus’ only son. When Maarja found out that she was pregnant, her husband, the carpenter Joosep, wanted to break off their engagement. An angel appeared to him in a dream and said: Do not be afraid. The newcomers made the arduous journey to Bethlehem to take part in the mandatory census. (How Advent proceeds as a countdown to Christmas.)

The influx of visitors to Bethlehem meant there was no room for the waiting couple. After that, the slave took pity on them and slept in their stables, and Mary gave birth to the son of God. When the angels sang, he placed it in the manger and a bright star began to shine in the sky.

National Geographic Christmas Cards 2022

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Historians disagree on how December 25 became associated with Christmas.


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